Thursday, August 30, 2007

Frist Day of School

Well, our little girl is finally off to school. She was excited, but very nervous. She did pretty good, but she pulled at my heart strings. She didn't want me to go at all, but I was already late for work as it was. So, she finally settled in with her teacher Mrs. Roy and did great during the day.
The second day was even worse. I didn't cry, but Anna did. She REALLY didn't want me to leave today. However, the teacher was nice and called me at work and let me know that she was ok. That call, however, made me cry at work. Awful feeling to leave your baby crying at school. Ugh, hope it gets better. I can't deal with this much more, or I might take her out of school all together.
The pictures were from Anna's first day, and only 2 cause the cameras weren't working well.

More summer fun!

So, last week when I took two days off to take Sue (my mom-in-law) to surgery which eneded being cancelled, Ian and I took the kids down to the Grey Animal Park in Grey, Maine. I hadn't been this year, so it was fun to watch the kids enjoy being out and seeing all the animals. We spent a few hours just wondering around and seeing all the wild life we might see in Maine. Mr. Moose was right were we could see him, but he was laying down so the kids didn't get a real since of how big he was, but they thought that was great. We talked about the diffrent kinds of birds and owls, and saw the black bears. One of the bears was so sleepy he fell asleep in a very funny position, but wasn't close enough to get a good picture, but trust me it was funny. Anyway, enjoy the pictures.