Sunday, September 23, 2007

God's beautiful handy work

When Ian and I bought our home we really were excited about the row of Fruit trees on the property. There is a fully grown Apple tree right out front and then they had just planted 2 new apple trees and a pear tree. Well, last year we weren't able to pick anything, but this year we have picked apples and a few pears. The kids have been so excited watching them grow and change. This past weekend we finally picked the ones that were worth picking, and oh how the kids squealed. I don't know what I will do with them, but I plan on using them somehow. Maybe a big pan of apple sauce.
So, here are the pictures of some of our fruit. Apples are the top picture and pears are below.

Soccer Girl

While Isaac has been digging, Anna has been working on her soccer abilities. She has had a new found joy outside kicking and running after the soccer ball. I think next year we will have to sign her up. She comes by it naturally as her Uncle George was an excellent soccer player in his day! Although, this move looks a lot like a ballerina, so maybe she will do that too!

Digging for China

So, in the past few days that we have had spare time and good days to get out Isaac has been digging for China. He is almost there I think. On his way to China he has found tons of worms of which he has felt the need to show Mom and Dad each and every one! Crazy boy.