Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pictures of the kids from NC

The Kids on the slide at the local park. Our favoite hangout right now!

Anna on the porch at the house we are staying at for the time being.

Isaac enjoying the swings at the local park!

We are moved and getting a routine

Sorry it has taken me so long to write, but we don't actually have our own place yet and its hard to find time. We are living with some friends that offered us a soft place to land and get our feet under us. We are Grateful.
Ian is working for a temp agency and is working at the Revlon plant right now. He is working 2ND shift and enjoys it. He went today to apply for a permanent position there too, so we are praying that will open up for him.
The kids are adjusting to not having our own space. It has been tough, but I think we have finally figured it out. Isaac enjoys playing with his trucks in the dirt and Anna has found pleasure in playing soccer and baseball in the yard.
I am trying to just keep things together and going. I was going to go for an interview, but we are having difficulty cause Ian has to be to work at 3pm and I wouldn't get out till 5pm and we only have 1 car right now. For now I will be a stay at home mom for my kiddos which brings me much joy (on most days).
Today it is about 80 degrees, which is just perfect to me. There is a slight breeze which makes it a little nicer too.
Well, I am going to attempt to attach a few pictures of the kids at the local park we have found and love. Its not too far away so we can sneak down for a while and spend time together.