Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The deers that got a way!

We have had a turn in the weather down here signalling its time to go hunting. November 15 was opening season for guns and dogs. Ian was treated to a day out with the men of the church searching out deer from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. What stories he told. He had never hunted with dogs and wasn't sure it was something he would like, but now he won't stop talking about it. He even thinks I want a pack of dogs barking in my yard year round. We are still discussing that. Anyway, he said he "rolled" a doe, but there was no blood trail to track her down and she was gone. I just keep praying he will be safe while he is out.
So, on Monday after he worked all day he came home rounded up the kids and off they went to hunt. They sit in the car and just wait for the deer to come. Isaac apparently was so excited when an 8 point buck walked right in front of the car. Ian shot and he went down, but apparently not for long. While Ian went towards the downed deer a group of men who had been hunting near by appeared, and the deer took off. Long story shot, the deer of a life time still wanders the woods of Oxford. Ian tracked him for about 2 hrs and found him, but he took off again. I guess my freezer will remain empty for a few more days at least!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We are alive!!!

Just wanted to post that we are alive and kicking here in NC. However, with dial up its sometime takes a while to get over to this blog. Anyway, the kids are doing well. Anna has completed 1 month of homeschooling and is doing well. Isaac continues to keep me busy.
I have started baking more now that I have time and a schedule. Cookies have become somewhat of a favorite for me. If anyone has a good recipe please post it. I am always looking for new ideas. Chocolate chip cookies can get boring.
Home made bread has been known to be made as well.
Well, the kids are calling my name. Hope you are all well and I will be posting more pictures soon.