Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chasing Toads....

When I was a girl chasing toads wasn't as fun as throwing rocks at bee's nests. However, I am glad my daught has found fun in chasing toads. When we visited our church playground the other day she found one hopping around. It was hilarious to say the least to watch her hopping around after it. She did catch it eventually, but quickly threw it to the ground with scream and a giggle. She thought it was "weird" feeling. I did catch a few pictures of her giggling as she chased the toad and just had to share one with you.

Thinking about School Pictures

Remember the days when we use to have the awful school pictures. The generic backgrounds, bad hair styles, and even worse glasses! I got to thinking about how we are homeschooling Anna and my need for school pictures. So, I marched her out today in the sunshine and sat her on a rock, ok so its a fake rock that is covering our well, but it looked like a rock! Anyway, this is what we got, will it pass for a kindergarten school photo?

Would love to hear your comments...please!!! I am not even sure anyone reads this!


I was going to participate in the Reading in the Fall, however, with no Internet connection for so long I was unable to do it correctly. However, I have been reading up a storm. I think I have read about 10 books to date since it started. The book I am reading now is the one I want to talk about though. Its a book that I had purchased over a year ago and just never took the time to read it till NOW! Praise the Lord that I am, cause now I feel like I remember who I am and who I represent.

Anyway, the book I am reading is "The Remarkable Women of the Bible" by Elizabeth George. OK, so I just started it today, but I am finding so much to take hold of and really put to practice in my life. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be challenged by the woman of the Bible.

I will review some of my other reads from this Fall, but for tonight this is the one I wanted to focus on. Enjoy!