Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mini vacation

We have had a rough winter up here in Maine with no prospect of Spring any time soon. We still can't see the slide on the kids swingset. My only saving grace at this point is that I was able to take a 4 day vacation to Maryland back in March and boy was it nice. I went and visited my Friend Erinn from Word of Life. Her husband Micheal was nice enough to allow me to come and visit with her for the weekend. Her son Abraham is now 2 and I have just met him for the first time during this visit. What a joy to see him doing so well as he and his brother were born so early. He is a blessing.
Anyway, while in MD we spent the day down in Baltimore which was so much fun cause we took Erinn's sister and her two children as well.
I missed my family, but was glad to be away for a few days to catch up on sleep.
I would post some pictures, but there seem to be a problem with them all. So, you can go to Erinn's blog and check out some of the pictures.